Ring power of Erjan

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Ring power of Erjan
One of the golden masterpieces of Iranian art is "Arjan Power Ring". Arjan is the name of the ancient city and a province belonging to the middle Ilam period. It located on the border between Khuzestan and Fars. The remains of the city are 12 km northeast of Behbahan on both sides of the Maroun River.
This historical object discovered in a tomb belonging to the 2nd millennium BC and the era of the Elamite era. The tomb contained a huge bronze coffin with a golden ring, 98 Golden Button, A dagger, A silver rod, and ten bronze cylindrical containers dating back to 800 BC. One of the most important discoveries of this historic site is the ring of golden power placed on the left hand of the deceased.
This ring has a hollow cylindrical handle and the end of it connected to two oval-shaped. The interior of these pages are Symmetrical decorated with the role of two winged lions standing on both sides of the sacred tree. Under the feet of the lions, three rows of roles are shaped like a crescent arch and on the handle, there are grooves that end to a twelve full flower on the outer side of the two panels.

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