«Behshahr», Paradise, and the climate of love

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«Behshahr», Paradise, and the climate of love
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The ancient city Behshahr has valuable old monuments in Mazandaran. The works that found in the Hutu caves and Kamar band proved that the civilization of the Middle Stone north of Iran started with Behshahr and influenced the human civilization at east.   
Behshahr renamed to Tamishe, Namiyeh,  Ppanj Hezare,  Aasiyab  sar, Kkheragooran, Ashrafolbelad during the ages. The  kheragooran village belonged to an old woman and king Abbas Safavi bought it from her and renamed village to Ashraf and chosen it for second capital. 419 years ago,  artists and architects started to build Delgosha building, bath, fountains and water storages according to the command of king Abbas.   Plumbing   water   
with pottery pipes from mountains and other construction activities caused affluence, the greatness of this city compared to other cities at that time.

Beautiful  building  in  the  center  of  city and the raceway at the middle of garden display the several staircase waterfalls in the slope of mountain range beautifully.

A building of king Abbas located on the foursquare stone platform which was built in 1020 and was known to Divan khane.  It is worth to mention that the municipality has preparation for discharging of this place and turning it into a place of tourism and museum of anthropology and coinage.

 Emarat fountain palace
This huge and magnificent garden has built in the southeast garden hill at the time of king Abbas.There are many fountains on the southern slopes of the  Behshahr which the one of most high-level water is Emarat fountain. At Safavi age this two floors building built with rectangle form plan, as a matter of fact, it is two floors and remains just one floor today. there is a foursquare pool at ground floor and the center of the building and covered the domical  roof.  there is vault at the four sides of pool edge and each vault has three entrance with crescent arc lintel and three windows with winged vault.It is worth to mention that the municipality has preparation for obtaining ownership of this place and turning it to tourism place.

Homayoon  hill  garden  (one  of  Iranian septet gardens)
One of the septet gardens which built 10 meters higher than other parts of the septet, baths have built on the hills between citrus trees this building belonged to Abigails of the king and no man has permission to enter.

Palace, pool, and Abbas Abad twins tower
Building located in the middle of the lake and near towers  9 kilometers far away from southeast Alborz mountain across dense forests.   Abbas Abad complex contains dam,  reservoir, flower garden, palace,  bath, water mill, and two stairs brick tower and kitchen built on three level.This building was built just for outing and hunting ground of king Abbas 419 years ago.

Safi  Abad  palace  the  point  of Ashrafolbelad
Alborz Mountains belonged to king Abbas and it is visible far away several kilometers from city exit and entrance.

Hoto and Kamar band cave
According to available evidence, the inhabitants of mentioned caves knew the way of using self-growing plants and grain and had livelihood talent in farming.
Gained works contains part of the stone, parts of dogfish bones, deer and skull of three humans consider has lived  5000 to 7500 years ago. this cave has dug by professor Estanli in 1951 and has defined different  layers  of  it  and  has  found  the  human skulls belong to  7500  A.D. this cave amused a lot of tourists today.

Historical Sefid Chah graveyard
Sefid Chah the biggest Islamic graveyard of Mazandaran has 15  to  20  thousand tombstones with 700-year oldness which all of the buried job carved on their tombstone.

Miyancaleh wildlife
Miyancale wildlife with marshy type located at 12 kilometers far away from Behshahr which with   70 thousand hectare area it’s of two obvious echo system and peninsula.  
This marshy its one of the important and valuable home of water birds and dry birds.   And   nearly   3   million   birds   of passage (flamingo) spend their summer and winter in this marshy and birds like
pheasant feeds from wild pomegranates in autumn and winter.

Plant and animal species of marshy and peninsula
Sweet and sour pomegranate, raspberry Sazil, Medlar, Daghdaghan, siyahtelo ,  poplar, salty grass, sedge,  Haft  
band and wolf grass, jackal, hedgehog, forest cat, swine, Caspian  folk,  native (flamingo Deraj) birds, hawk, Bahri and zangole  bal  Kapoor,  kalme  ,  whitefish soof ,mash karas.

Special economical port Amirabad Behshahr
Amirabad port located in the northeast of behshahr and has 60   Hectare special area and  2 thousand hectare developing area which according to geographical view has enough wide and unique economical talent.Today,   
this port according to strategic situation its golden ring of the national corridor for north to south transit, access to the big market of middle   Asian and huge commercial and economical capacity like extraction of energy source has the best place in the national and international field.
Connecting  to  country  railing  network and partial nearing to population centers and  depending on the consumer  market  and  the possibility of quick and easy access by this way to center areas its excellent features of this port.
Joining  17 hectare of salar  tape  Forest Park to south side of king Abbas safavi garden. The Geographical situation of salar hill is that many nature tourists to the pass across the eastern side of the path to sang no waterfall for climbing. Salar hill tourist area has more than 1000 meters walking toward the mountain that can be embedded in the wooden alcoves as temporary resorts.

The connection of these two places (king abbasi garden and salar   hill) with the wooden  bridge, which will provide a good environment for the investor.  
Behshahr merit to achieve sustainable and fast development.  We can safely say that this city in Mazandaran Province The best place to expand the tourism industry.

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