who is the food tourist?

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who is the food tourist?

If you have a piece of bread and some canned in your luggage while you are packing baggage You may be one of the following groups:

- it is for Providence and fear of illness.
- Reduce the travel costs.
- The food of other cities is incompatible with your taste.
- The food of other cities is not compatible with your beliefs.
All are correct. But all the passengers have tried out food and drink of other cities and have different memories of them.

A Tourist food starts the trip to getting family with different foods and beverages of different parts in a country.
This branch of the tourism industry is the largest and most extensive part of it. In other sectors of the tourism industry there are various restrictions in other sectors of the tourism industry. But food tourism has none of the restrictions and can be enforced at all times and places. Eating and drinking is one of the most important human needs
and the diversity and variety of this part of the human necessary is very wide. This part of the human need is developing and expanding. Also has a very close relation with culture, Genetics,  people's characteristics, tastes of people and geographic features.
Food tourism, like other parts of the industry, is a public process, and different businesses are in a harmony with each other.  Due to the various characteristics of Iran, the food tourism attracts many tourists.
Iran has a wide range of types of food and beverages that attracts the attention of tourists.

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