5 Special Offer for Autumn Cruise

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5 Special Offer for Autumn Cruise

The journey will not end only in the summer and its long days. The new season of travel to new areas begins with the coming of autumn. Pleasant weather,the smell of rain and colorful trees has prepared the best season for nature lovers.
Iran is a four-season country and due this particular feature you can visit some part of Iran in different seasons.
Traveling in Iran is not limited to spring or autumn. At any time, a part of this beautiful country prepares a special trip location for you. Autumn in Iran has different choices for you. The deserts provide the best trip for you in this season. Simultaneously,the northern forests of Iran are waiting for desert travelers with millions of colors.

We have 5 special offers for your autumn trip that you will have a memorable and colorful autumn tour in Iran.

Desert tourism
Autumn is the best season for lovers of the desert. In this season, the extreme heat of the desert and the cold of the nights are both tolerable. Since Iran is a desert country, then you will have different choices to travel to one of the beautiful deserts of Iran.
Maranjab desert near Tehran will have the best and the closest access to you.In addition, in this desert area you can visit all the features of the Iranian desert region in a small area as like as Sandy hills,SaltLake,Sandy roads, The Silk Road,Desert Wildlife and other features of the desert areas. Also, the most important feature of this region is the implementation of the tour program as a one-day excursion program. Our second suggestion for your desert program is the 2-day tour of Kashan and Abouzidabad Desert. Spend one day in Kashan and the other day in the desert of Abu Zaidabad. This area is just 30 minutes from Kashan. In order to enjoy other desert areas in Iran, you need some medium-term plans that Iranian agencies will help you.

Nayband; Tabas
Another landmark of Iran in the fall is the village of Nayband. This desert village is known the Masooleh of Desert.Nayband is located 225 km south of Tabas and adjacent to the Lut desert.Nayband is one of the unique examples of staircase architecture that has been formed in the Lut Desert. In this type of architecture there is a dense set of houses in which the roofs of the houses are used as their upper yard. This architecture has created a solid correlation among the inhabitants of this region. One of the most prominent and spectacular views of this area is seeing the sky at night with millions of stars.

Forestry; from Naharkhoran Forest to Londvil Forest
Autumn is the best season for walking in the Forest.Trees with thousands of colors and the smell of wet soil are autumn beauty that makes walking in the woods more enjoyable.3 Northern provinces of Iran with dense forests and tall trees will have unforgettable autumn landscapes.For the Trekking Trees in the Autumn make travel to one of these beautiful areas:
Naharkhoran Forest, Gorgan Province.
Asalem to Khalkhal Road, Gilan Province.
Alimestan Forest,Amol,Mazandarn Forest.
LondvilForest,Astara,Gilan Province.
Chamestan Road,Mazandaran Province.

Meybod, Yazd
This small town is located on the edge of the Yazd desert with 45 km distance from Yazd. You can experience four seasons of the year at this time. Spring mornings, summer heat noon, autumn sunset, winter nights and nights, is the autumn gifts for this city. Simultaneously, you can see the beauty of the desert and the old monuments of this city.
Some of these sights are: Old Carevanseray, PostOffice, StoreWater, OldMosque, Pigeon Tower and Pottery workshops.

Tehran, Ahar Village
Tehran and its surroundings are also beautiful in autumn. You can enjoy the beauty of this great city by staying in Tehran
The villages around Tehran with beautiful forest areas will have nice scenery from autumn. You can also enjoy these beauties by walking in the parks of Tehran or in the streets. The streets are covered with a long tree as Vali-e-Asr street.

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