The most beautiful trails of forestry from north to south

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The most beautiful trails of forestry from north to south
The Green Charm of Iran's Forests!

Just take a few days out of our daily routine and let's go to the dreamy regions of Iran.Cool air, green landscape and tranquil silence, and the clear waters of the springs, along with the whisper of the birds, are ahead of you.The beauties of the forest are not limited to the northern fringes of the country.Although traveling to the north and logging in one of the beautiful forests of this region will never be repetitive and tedious.But the journey to the Zagros forests and the ever-spring Mangrove forests on the south coast will also be an enjoyable and memorable experience.
Most of Iran's forests are located in the northern regions of the country and south of the Caspian Sea.
These temperate climatic zones are drawn from the east of Ardebil province to North Khorasan province, and along with them, there are three provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan.

Iran's Forests

A few essential things:
"Jungle Trekking" is one of the most entertaining and exciting branches of "nature", whose potential risks aren't less than climbing.But with caution and a little familiarity with the route, there can be no possible risks.
The most important principle in "forestry" and sightseeing in the depths of the woods is to have a local guide.
But some other principles are essential:
1- Try to have a few bottles of water.
2- Wear cotton clothes, and to walk, use Walking boots, not flat.
3- It can always rain.So have a cover for your backpack.
4- If you go away from the countryside, be careful not to get close to the house, because it may be damaged by domestic dogs.
5- Take equipment like a rope, a sharp knife, a compass, and a map.
6- If you unconsciously separated from the group, inform them with making the loud noise.
7- Remember, this is you who have entered the nature and environment of the animal life, vazSo respect the privacy of the homeowners.Animals do not basically attack humans until they are noticed.So always keep your distance with every living thing.Remember, the quietest animals in the forest can also be dangerous to humans.

Waz" forest

The songs of the "Waz" forest in a dream way

The forests of this area are related to millions of years ago and also the third period of geology.The paths of the "Vaz" forest pass through the old trees of this region.The highlands of the foresVaz" are part of the ancient Hyrcanian forest.The unique beauty of this area is for those who are going to visit the area on foot.You can see the beauty of this area in an 80 km way.

Gisum forest

Camping in the beautiful Gilan Forest Tunnel

We take you to one of the Plain area and semi-mountainous regions of Gilan.This area has many beauties that attract every visitor.There is less tourist who comes to Gilan Province and does not go to Gisum forest.Gisum is one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of the city of Talesh, located 18 km from Talesh Route in Rasht.The characteristic of the Gisom forest, which has made it attractive to tourists, is the existence of thick and tall forest trees that have risen to the sky on either side of the coastal road of Gisom.
These trees have created a beautiful and spectacular tunnel road with their green walls.

Alimestan forests

Jack and the Beanstalk, Alimestan forests!

When you walk on the roads of this forest, you enter the green heaven among the forests.When we run the roads of this forest path, Jack and the Beanstalk dream looks more believable!The beautiful forests of Alimistan are located 140 km from Tehran and you have to cross the road to Haraz.The people who roam the forest will be amazed by the beauty of this beautiful and pristine jungle.For climbers, the Alimistan Peak with a height of 2510 meters is the best choice.

Hara Forest

The wonders of the ever-spring forest "Hara"

Just have a tidal journey to see one of the strangest planets in Qeshm Island and enjoy its beauty.Hara forest on the southern coast of Iran is the center of various types of aquatic animals, birds, and amphibians.Hares Forest, Qeshm Island, is the world's largest hara forests, and UNESCO has recorded this forest on the world's environmental inventory.Hara forests are located on the southern coast of Iran with an area of 9200 hectares in different parts of southern Iran.Most parts of the forests are located in the central part of the Persian Gulf.One of the most attractive parts of this forest is the fishing experience, go  toyougo to the dense forests of Hara in the evening and, while watching the dreamy sunset of the Persian Gulf, enjoy it.

Golestan Fossil Forest

Life Song in Golestan Fossil Forest

National Park of Golestan Iran is one of the fossil forests.Golestan forests are very wide and each section has a special type of is connected to the arid and semi-arid regions of the east of the country and northern Khorasan and Semnan provinces, and on the other hand, it is linked to the Caspian forests or Hyrcanian forests.A collection of broad-leaved trees that have covered all the north of Iran.In this forest, you can have wild and domestic animals like the bear, Boar, wolf,
Jackal, deer, And other kinds of animals.

Cloud Forest,

Walk in the clouds, between the earth and the sky!

Let this life be upside down!No reason, walk on the clouds, sleep, experience another season of life.
The city of Shahrud is located i the desert and has a warm climate, but the "Cloud" forest is 50 kilometers far from it, it is cold.And always foggy.Cloud Forest, behind Bastam, facing Aliabad Katoul and Gorgan plain is the final destination for a memorable jungle.

Dalkhani forests

Crossing the "Paradise Hall" in the Dalkhani forests!

Everything can be found in this area Mountain, Grass, Jungle, south-eastSea and whatever you expect to see in a forest area.The beautiful Dalkhani forests which is known as "Paradise Hall", with massive trees and pleasant weather, can provide one of the finest naturalist experiences.
Dalkhani is a village in the central part of Ramssoutheast of Ramsar.Dalkani is a semi-mountainous forest with a height of about 800 meters and is a good option for climbers.

The miracle of nature in the heart of Iran's Lute Desert

In the central desert of Iran.In the dry desert of Reagan.
The largest reserve of forests by the name Kahoor and one of the wonders of nature in Iran is located in this area.
While Kavir Lut(desert) is in the eastern part of Kerman,
there are some natural species in the heart of this desert, it remains as an incredible miracle that has endangered the lives of many animals exposed to desert extinction.
This unique Iranian jungle saves 120 villages from the flood of sand.The spectacular jungle with 12 meters high and a safe place for animals and wildlife.

Aghoozhal forests,

A Resorts In the heart of the forest over the cloud!

Nice sound, calm and quiet, full of rain, fog, waterfall and trees, place for being at a forest hut.The Aghoozhal forests, due to their location in the protected natural resources and environment area, have no habitat and are intact up to a distance of 30 kilometers.The forests are located in the Tonekabon area of Mazandaran province.

hazel trees

Together with birds, Beside the hazel trees!

Fandoglu Forest is located in Ardebil province, 10 km from Namin city.Fandoglu area due to unique forest attractions, Rangelands and Heyran Road with a variety of natural charm, has an excellent feature of development in the ecotourism industry.The Fandoglu forest area is part of the forests of the eastern province of Ardebil, which is a continuum of the subtropical forests of Gilan province.


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