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There are no compulsory vaccinations for entering Iran but it is a good idea to be vaccinated against tetanus and typhoid Malaria is present in some areas, such as Sistan and Baluchestan, southern Fars and Khuzestan particularly in summer. Check with your doctor about wich anti- malarial drugs to take, and make sure you have insect repellent with you.
Take a small medical kit with the usual basic items (such as plasters, aspirin, anti- diarrhea pills) as well as any particular medicine you might need.
The tap water can be drunk almost everywhere; if in doubt, take water purifying tables with you. In many of the smaller towns. The water comes directly from the qanat, which are fed by melt water and is before relatively safe. However, in out- of- the- way places and in the heat of summer it is better to take proper precautions.




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