Darband Area: The first choice of recreational tourism

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Darband Area: The first choice of recreational tourism

This particular tourism area is one of the first choices of tourists and travelers both domestic and foreign.A great place for a full day tourism with eating, drinking, watching, sleeping and enjoying the ultimate pleasure.If you are interested in walking, the mountain range is calling you, also, the sound of the Darband River will also make relax you.Lovers of beverages and food have very diverse choices, various types of barbecues with Iranian rice, colorful Iranian desserts, various drinks such as tea, coffee, Nescafe, espresso or other drinks.Local colorful stores, various snacks, the variety of restaurants, traditional tea houses and the masses of people who are passing through this path will accompany you.Here is no way back, and you will be fascinated by spectacular views.

Darband Area River

Darband is one of the areas of Tehran, and one of the old villages of Shemiran in the north of Tehran.Darband is the first option for citizens of Tehran to host Tourists and their friend or relatives.
The area is located at an altitude of 1,700 meters and is the first and closest route to cross the Alborz Mountains.This route is one of the most popular routes for climbing among the people of Tehran.Due to its cool and favorable climate, the area has always been the subject of attention by the Kings.

Darband Area at night

What to do
Darband Promenade has Variety of natural scenery, entertainment and other hobbies for all range of people.For these reasons, this is the first promenade of the people.

This old Telesiege is the best for those who want to see the spectacular attractions of this area easily and without walks.

Good weather
If you want to watch Tehran from above, Get some clean weather, Beautiful Nature, Roaring waterfall, Green Trees, Watch the crowds of athletes and enjoy all these beautiful things together Daraband is calling you.

Darband's nights
Darband at night is so beautiful and nice that the people stay there until midnight.Colorful restaurants, Different cafes,
Snack stores and dozens of another charm that attracts you.

Darband Area restaurants

Foodi Tour
Perhaps one of the most important attractions in Darband is its restaurants.Enjoying your favorite and delicious dishes in clean air, along with an eye-catching view with friends and family, is an opportunity that you can not easily find anywhere else in Darband.
Restaurants: You can find the best restaurants with the high quality of food, traditional food, classic food, buffet and international food all would be available to you.
Teahouses: Teahouses are also popular with their restaurants, especially young people and students are regular customers of them.Where in one pleasant afternoon, you can drink tea with your friends and make happy memories.
Street food: Another attraction is the street restaurants, where you can try an expensive restaurant food at a low price and with great pleasure.
Delicious snacks: Here is the center of Persian Junk food as like as different fruit roll, different fruit salad, Fruit leather, Cranberry juice, Fig juice, Barberry juice and more and more.

Darband Area

Picnic and Walking: The citizens of Tehran, and especially the youth, will pick this beautiful place for a walk or picnic at the end of the week.Girls and boys come to this popular place with a backpack full of snacks for a daily walking.

sledge: Other leisure activities in Darband is sledding.You can use this charming fun with just $ 4.

Photography: By walking in this beautiful area, you can take great pictures.

Darband Area winter

Best time: This area is located at the foot of the Alborz mountains, due to its geographical and mountainous location, it has cold winters and mild and cool summers.This area has special natural attractions in each season, Spring, the season of raising plants, Summer with cool weather and away from the heat of Tehran, Autumn colorful valley and Winter is covered with snow.

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