Isfahan Ardestan Tomb of Amir Oveis

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Tomb of Amir Oveis

Tomb of Amir Oveis

One of the most dutiful and valuable monument of Ardestan city is the  sepulcher stone of Amir Oveis which people of Ardestan known as white stone because it was made of beautiful  alabaster that shine under sun shine like as silver. This site places upon the hill of clay that its height is five meter highest than western road surface and places in corn of northwest of sown fields in Mahal area in Ardestan. Tow alabaster stones place horizontal and vertical on the sepulcher. There is diapering of Eslimy and Khataiy that was sculpture on the horizontal stone and trim with Hafez and Sady poem .Memorable and notable plans is masterworks of Safavie period.  Oves named as Jalalodoleh was born at 890 lunar year and he was paramount of Esmaiel Safavy government.

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