Isfahan Sheikh Al Islam House

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Sheikh Al Islam House


One of the most beautiful mansions in Esfahan, it has a very spacious courtyard, flanked on the northern and southern sides by the living quarters of the house. Such a layout, somewhat different from the other houses in Esfahan, was due to the fact that the court yard was built to be used for religious ceremonies.
The main sections of the building are located on the south side behind an imposing eivan. Stucco carvings, mirror-work. and moqarnas add greatly to the beauty of this part of the house. A spacious reception hall with two flanking rooms is situated behind the south eivan. A pool and two flowerbeds emphasize the northern eivan of the house. At the southwestern corner of the house, a small courtyard is connected to the main courtyard by a narrow corridor. This building currently houses a workshop for the traditional arts and crafts of Esfahan.

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