Iranian cuisine a style for all tastes and seasons

It's  told and heard much about Iranian cuisine's style.
Iranian cuisine is one of the most important culinary styles in the world and many countries have influenced by this method.
This range covers India and Middle Eastern countries as well as parts of Europe.
In this style of cooking, special meals  provide  for each season,  which related to the climate, geographic location and people of the region.

A foodie tour of Iran

Iran Food Ash

For example, in hot seasons, they cook cool foods such as Abdoog, which its ingredients are dough(mix of yogurt and water) Walnut, Raisins, vegetables, and bread. This food is not only very nutritious but also is quite herbal and very suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
In cold seasons, cooking some food like soup or Ash (َAsh Ingredient: Different Vegetables, Pea, Beans, Lentils, dried whey, Onion, Garlic, and In some cases meat "There are more than 50 kinds of Ash") Some of them are also suitable for vegetarians, and of course, some No.(In Iran, soup and Ash are different).
Iranians are among the nations, which made a distinction between herbivorous and non-vegetarian foods and made special foods for each group.

  Food Tourism industrial in Iran


with these explanations, "Iran is the Paradise of food tourism" where all the tastes and types of food tourism both vegetarians and non-vegetarians  have a memorable trip by preparing and cooking a variety of foods.

Here are some types of food categories for different groups:

Kebab lovers: Mix Kebab or Kabob Koobideh, beef kebab, skewered meat kebab, Kabab Bakhtiari, Chenjeh Kabab (Chenjeh is pure meat and very similar to western steaks), Fish Kabab,Chicken Kebab,
All these food serves with or without rice.

Vegetarians: different Fish, Persian Caviar( the best in the world), all poultry, Koko Sabzi (vegetables and egg), potato kooko(potato+egg),kashk-o badenjan (whey+ eggplant) ...

Vegans: Lentils polo(Rice), all kind of Dolme, Falafel, Cabbage polo, Vegetables Kebab, Reshte polo,... More

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