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 Taxi In Iran

 Taxi In Iran 

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Getting around the cities in Iran is particularly easy and cheap. You can get a taxi anywhere at any time. Still there are some notices you would better have in mind when you are in Iran.

Taxis in Iran are yellow in color but vary in type of the car. Sometimes you might find green or white taxis with a blue strip on them as well.

Since taxis in Iran have defined routes, you can find them in the main squares, plazas, and streets or even close to shopping malls and museums. For that, you need to know the city almost well, but there is no concern, wherever you go, a taxi will be there.

Taxis in Iran are usually  shared , so you will get on a taxi with three strangers on the route. Naturally, you can always decide not to share the taxi, but in this case, you will have to wait for an empty taxi and tell to the driver that you need it alone. Here comes the pricing, if you get a taxi alone in a defined route, then you will have to pay as four people. However, if you ask the driver to get off during the route, you have to negotiate the price based on different routes you will pass to your destination, considering also the amount of traffic.

Anyway, whether you share a taxi with three strangers or not, taxi fees are relatively cheap in Iran. Here some prices are provided for you in Tehran taxi routes to give you more perspective. Tehran as the capital of Iran is the most expensive city, so prices in smaller towns are even cheaper than Tehran.

  How to take a Taxi in Tehran

Private taxi

Iran women taxi drivers tehran
Iran women taxi drivers

Yellow taxis are supposed to be private taxis, but any empty car will usually take you dar baste if you ask; just say, for example, ‘Meydan Azadi dar baste’. The alternative is to get your hotel to call a ‘wireless taxi’ (133), which cost a little more. You could also call the Women’s Taxi Company (1821), whose green taxis are driven by women, for women passengers only, and when you call to book you’ll speak only to women then, too.

Shared taxi

Let’s assume you are in the Azadi Sq. for a visit to the Azadi Tower and want to get to Darband in Tajrish Sq. for the lunch break. This direct taxi route is almost 22 km and would cost 26500 Rials (2650 Toman) or only 0.84 USD per person. Here, if you are going to share the taxi, like all Iranians, you need to wait till your taxi is full otherwise you need to inform the driver that you will pay for the rest. Even you can take the full taxi and pay for four which will not cost more than 3.36 USD.

As another example, assuming you are staying in Vanak area and you are planning to visit National Museum of Iran. Since there is no direct taxi route to the museum, you will have different possibilities to reach the museum:

          -First:by taking different routes on a shared taxi (the cheapest way, but the longest);

          -Second: by asking a taxi agency to drop you directly there (cheap and quick);

         -Third: by stopping a taxi in the street, ask to drop you there and negotiate the price (might be more expensive, and almost quick).

For the first option, wherever you are in Vanak area, you need to get to the Vanak Sq. then find a taxi for Seyed Khandan Bridge (10 Km and 0.38 USD per person) from there you can get a taxi to Imam Khomeini Sq. for 0.6 USD per person (almost 8 km), and here you are, this is where you have 5 minute-walk away from the National Museum of Iran.

Imagine for this route you are going to take a taxi alone (third option), therefore most probably the taxi will ask for 3.92 USD and you can pay some more to take you to the entrance of the museum.

Still, not always you need to get to the taxi stops. If you stand in main street most probably taxis on their route will catch you.

Sometimes you might feel saving more money on your routes, then why not getting on van taxis? They are cheaper than regular yellow taxis but need more time to get full of passengers.

Taxi Agency

Besides regular yellow taxis, there are private taxi agencies all over the city which you can call and ask for a taxi.

This service is considered relatively expensive since you can customize your route. In this case, the taxi is not shared anymore.

If you are staying in hotel, most probably the reception can arrange a taxi for you. Even if you are staying in a friend’s house, easily ask them to call a taxi.

This service is commonly referred as “phone taxi” in Iran.

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